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I'm impressed. ve to admit, I rarely do any thing like running disk doctor
or defraging the hard drive. Since my son is living at home and he has
learned a ton about keeping computers, when I have a problem, I just say "
Fix it Jeff" and he does. Does that mean I am  mentally lazy? I know I
don't have to learn a lot of these things because I have a trouble shooter
in the house.

You're right though I would have enjoyed you in school. It is great to work
with students who want to learn and are willing to work.
Love ya,
Liz P.

>Liz, I am too hard headed to take offense easily and my thirst for
>knowledge never
>ends.  You would of enjoyed me in school.....the kid that had to study and
>and study to get and keep her good grades.  Now, here's a laugh, I
>removed onto
>disk some 126 files.  I thought, this is great now I will have much space
>to add a
>couple of new things on.  I also defraged all the drives, aren't I
>something else.
>So; I went to my computer to check my space and I had less space than when
>I first
>started!  ROFLOL!  Oh yes, I cleaned out the history file, the e-mail file
>and the
>favorites files.  The only thing I was not able to do was move my zip folders
>(games) to disks; as I ran out of disks.  Tomorrow I will buy some disks.
>Now I
>want you to know that when I was working I did allot of desktop publishing
>for news
>letters, brochures; etc.  I had a graphic collection like you would not
>believe, I
>never put anything on another disk, used the computer for 4 year's, never
>had a
>problem.....Oh well, if this is to be my challange in life, so be it.
>Have a good
>night, your friend, lillian

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