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Re: [MOL] What valuable information you just shared.

       Lillian, please feel free to share any and all information, facts,
guesses, intuitive leaps of logic or nonsense that you may think can help any
of us on this journey. To be truthful, I was a little hesitant to say much
lest I be misunderstood, but I assure you that my motives are of the best. I
wasn't kidding when I said in an earlier message that I have accumulated an
enormous amount of information and resources in the last two months. It would
not have been possible without the help of my first son, to whom I am very
	However, this collection of information is far from complete, so I would
appreciate any additions that can be made to it. Those of us who are still
upon the journey need to have all possible information and resources readily
available to us. Just think of all the energy and time that has been spent on
this same quest by each individual on our journey. And how many lives lost and
pain suffered needlessly simply because those individuals missed an important
piece of the puzzle, or worse yet went in ignorance of all the resources that
are available; i.e., the free, crucial, multi-diciplinary opinion available at
the Institute for the Advanced Study of Medicine.
	Someone needs to spend some time putting together a manual to guide us on our
journey. This journey involves the most important shopping decisions that we
will ever make { the selection and purchase of expert? medical services }.
Maybe this is   God's mission for me in life, and perhaps He is not through
with me yet. Life sure does take some interesting turns in the path.
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