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[MOL] my grandmother

Dear Doctor,
I have a 84 year-old grandmother who has been diagnosed with dimentia about 1
year ago,we found out about 1 month ago after we had to admit her in the
hospital because she was not eating or drinking anything for 1 week that she
has colon cancer.....her doctor does not know how far along the cancer is
because he thinks that she will not live through the tests.she is now at home
with my parents,it is hard enough with the dimentia,but now not knowing how
long my grandmother has to live,meanwhile she has not had anything to eat in 1
and 1/2 weeks!!!!! we don't know what to do please let me know what i should
do....we have the hospice comming in  for 3  hours a day,which is not really
enough.my  question is how long could a 84 year-old women with  my
grandmothers problems live????what could we do to try to make her
comfortable??????please R.S.V.P as soon as you can

thank yyou,
cheryl chavis
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