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Thanks Nursie, was able to get through just fine.  Have you taken that test yet and if so how did you do?  Do nurses make much money in your
country, I understand in Germany they don't, they do well in our country.  How's mom's?  Love ya, lillian

W&M ROSE wrote:

> Try this, I don't know if you can access or not. I did through a
> subscription
> Good Luck
> Mam.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                                                 Name: HealthLink Natural Resources and Regulatory A...url
>    HealthLink Natural Resources and Regulatory A...url          Type: Internet Shortcut (application/x-unknown-content-type-InternetShortcut)
>                                                             Encoding: 7bit
>                                                          Description: HealthLink Natural Resources and Regulatory A.. (Internet Shortcut)

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