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[MOL] Much improved

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers during my set back.  I now
have my mobility back and I am feeling much better.

Visit with my GP to look at my ear (perforated ear drum), remove moles on my
butt and get RX for athletes foot shows I have improved (now I am thinking of
other things besides my braim).  Cures from head to foot.

CT scans on Tuesday showed significant decrease in the size of braim tumors.
Where there was ten before (one the size of a golf ball).  Now there is one
the size of a dime, and maybe two others very small.  I am still waiting for
the interpretation from the radioligist.  My RadioONC was really impressed by
my improvement and thinks that I am a candidate for SRS.  An appointment will
be made this week for interview with SRS MD.  

Without your thoughts, encouragement, prayers, and technical advise of where
to seek info I would not have made it this far.  I want you all to know what
great friends you are and how much you mean to me. Who knows what the future
will bring but whatever adventure lies ahead I am ready for it thanks to you.

Love  ;>)  Les
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