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Re: [MOL] I'm scared

Hi Sandi,
Although I don't know much about the kind of cancer that your husband has, I
do know what you are going through with being a caregiver and your Lupus, I
have lupus, and I am a caregiver for both my Mother and my Husband, Mom has
Pulmonary Fibrosis in both lungs, I have been her caregiver for 4 1/2 years
now.  My Husband has small cell lung cancer, he has finished his Chemo and is
on I think his 16th radiation treatment now.  He has had to have 2 blood
transfusions, has had a lot of back pain, chest pain, last week couldn't eat,
I had to grind up all his food, Doc gave him some liquid med. and now he can
eat anything again, thank God.  You have to have a place to vent and cry, do
it here and go cry wherever he can't hear you, you have to keep their spirits
up, get plenty of rest, so the Lupus doesn't get the best of you.  I'll be
thinking and praying for you and your husband.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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<< HI,
 My husband has colon cancer statge lll and has started his 4th round of
 chemo yesterday.  They have had to lower the doses each time because the
 1st round almost killed him due to his body not processing it like the
 normasl person.  But what I am writing about is that he has suddenly
 developed a severe pain that runs from the mid-butt down the back of his
 leg. It started 2 days ago and although he is not a complainer, I noticed
 he was sitting funny and walking with caution. It got very painful last
 night and although he is not a pain pill taker, he took some so he could
 get to sleep.
 Does anyone think this has a connection.  I had thought of sciatic nerve
 problems and am trying not to think of some kind of bone involvement.
 He gets another dose of chemo today and I will ask.  But I am scared.
 Being the caretaker is very hard work and I have always been upbeat and
 supportive.  If I have to cry and lock myself in the bathroom and sit on
 the floor . Because of my lupus I have tried to put that on the back burner
 and am struggling with getting by in a "healthy" way. I would gladly take
 his bolus shots for him if I could.  I just want him so desperately to get
 through this and come back to me in any way he can.
 I guess I am scared and maybe venting a bit, but I feel so useless and want
 so much to help.
 Thanks for listening.
 Sandi >>
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