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Re: [MOL] Yorktown (June)- Trip/June- Carla-Mary- Paula

Dear June,

I know that when I went through my radiation therapy, they checked my 
white cell count every week to be sure that it didn't get too low.  I was 
bothered by extreem fatigue only at the end of the treatments (about the 
last week of my five weeks).  I do so hope that you are able to make our 
celebration of life.  It will be the 19th of September at the Franklin D 
Roosevelt State Park in Yorktown Heights NY.  I will post directions 
before the end of this week.

Take care and God Bless.

Argila, June wrote:
> Hi Paula:  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  I went thru the CT Scan
> fine.  They take the pictures while you are in the body form mold.  I
> start the treatments on 9/11.  One thing I am aprehensive about is, they
> didn't take any blood and didn't say they were going to take any.  The
> article that I mentioned in my post of the other day had said something
> about having your blood checked for ??   before you decide on
> stereotactic body radiosurgery.  I plan on making a phone call to Staten
> Island to put my mind at peace.  Hope your are doing ok.
> Your friend     June
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