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Re: [MOL] Lillian "MY MY"

Lillian, you are much too funny!  Yes, I was chuckling through your entire
post.  I'll definately have to look up those snake dancers or maybe little
miss city producer to see if she needs a souvenir!  

The reason they now want you to use a commercial snake venom extractor is
for the safety of the unbitten person.  There could be small cuts in their
mouth through which the venom could enter and poison them.  We had a
teenage boy bitten here this summer besides my dog.  He was tossing rocks
off a cliff like boys do when he felt a prick on his finger.  When they
lifted the rock again to check it out, there was a little green-brown snake
with a black button on the end of its tail.  These are classic indications
that it was a baby prairie rattler but my dad could not locate it when he
went to get a positive ID.  Anyway, up to 30% of adults supposedly do not
inject venom when they bite, but most babies do and it is more concentrated
or something that usually makes them more dangerous.  We put the kid in the
car imediately and headed for town.  It's a 45 minute drive regardless and
as luck would have it, my mom had a flat on her car on the way.  Since they
had made it to the paved road, they were able to flag down a passing
vehicle to take him and aunt to the hospital.  As it turns out, there was
little/no venom in him but he had a reaction to the antivenom.  They had to
keep him overnight so they could administer the entire dosage in slow
amounts just to be sure.  Poor kid already takes medications because he is
alergic to nearly everything under the sun.


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