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Re: [MOL] Nanc is playing hookie Tuesday!

Hi Liz,
I have your shirt done and already to mail first thing Wed. morning.  I am
leaving to early in the morning to mail it Tuesday.  I am going to take my
girlfriend to a huge Amish village where all kings of goods are sold, crafts,
supplies, flea market.  Cheese factory, Amish bulk food store, etc., about a 2
1/2 hour drive.  I'm going to have a fun day, wow!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe
it.  I'll talk to the MOL's tomorrow night.
You and Sister Lil have fun tomorrow, or should I say today, it's 12:30am,
because I am going to have a very fine fun day, and quality time with my best
friend too, can't beat that, right?
Love you all,

In a message dated 9/1/98 12:12:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<<  Now Lil,
 > I'm a mac user and I have no problem with your messages.
 > I guess I am going to have to order a shirt even though I can't go to NY.
 > You all are so thrilled with yours.
 > Liz P. >>
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