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[MOL] hydrazine sulfate

Hello Ben

I would appreciate any and all information about Hydrazine Sulfate as a
treatment of cancer, especially the  diet ideas,side effects (my mother just
started and is going through low blood pressure and dizziness) and anything
else you have found. 
This seams to be the most promising treatment I have found, is it?

Sincerly, Michael
please contact me at Wanttaply@aol.com


My mother's history to date;

In March of 1998 my mother was diagnosed with Colon cancer.  That afternoon
she was rushed into surgery where the Doctor removed a 48 inch section of here
colon In the lower section of the removed colon was a Dukes B tumor.  The
Doctor told my mom that her cancer had spread outside the colon to nearby
tissue, but it had not gone into the lymph nodes.
Her CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) levels were at 25 the day of the surgery,
3/28/98.  A week later her level was 3.9.  In early May her blood test reviled
that the CEA level moved to 8.9 and in June the had gotten to 29.  Last
Thursday, 8/27/98, we were informed that it had gone to 49!
She had a CAT scan in July and no more tumors were detected.  She dose not
want to go through chemotherapy or radiation.
For the first 5 month she tried a few different forms of holistic therapy.
Evidently they are not working.  About two weeks ago I found out about
HYDRAZINE SULFATE.  We ordered a supply from;

Suncoast Metabolics
P.O.Box 11234 
Pompano Beach
Florida, 33061 USA   
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