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Dearest Sandy Hensley & Judy Haiven

Hi I'm PJ my mom has colon cancer also.  She was diagnosed last year operated
in Jan and was told 2 months the most.  Well it's been 8 months and she is
still hanging in. She is a fighter just as your mom and sister are. My mom
takes 5FU chemo.  She had radiation also which worked.  The MASS is still in
her abdomen and they may operate again to try to remove it.  This week will
begin a whole new set of tests Cat scans and others to see if the mass
reduced. the surgeon saw her and said he feels he can get it out this time.

On her operation Jan98 they said it was a mass and that it was too engrossed
with the other organs to remove.  If the doctors can't remove your sister or
mom's tumors then they will use the chemos my mom had maybe.  Anyway I have
learned not to listen to them about how much time the patient has because
truthfully they aren't GOD.

The doctors said my mom's mass was there for a VERY LONG TIME.  Needless to
say I went BALLISTIC.  I asked what about all the tests she took over the
years wouldn't it have should up.  But I quess the doctors didn't hear my
questions or shouting for that matter.  

About CPT-11 you can look it up on the internet.  When I have a second I'll
send you the site where it is located, unless someone else has already helped
you out.

But please just relax, get focused on what needs to be done, ask questions try
to listen to your friends on MOL they will quide you.  Alot of this wonderful
people are  more educated about cancer than most.  My prayers are with you and


To everyone else on the MOL Hi sorry I haven't been writing but my son's 3rd
birthday was on Sunday and he had a great birthday weekend.  I'm just now
getting back on the line here and I see alot of new people.  My prayers are
with everyone eventhough I was signed off for a few days.    (By the way
nothing to do with cancer but I went on a diet, I'm walking and I feel great
my blood pressure is down alot and who knows maybe baby #2 will be soon!!!!)

Love, Hugs, Kisses
God Bless All
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