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I will make it a point to put together some of my recipes this week and
provide them say, every other day or so.  I find that cooking with my own
fresh herbs enhances just about everything I eat.  Tofu has never been a
problem.  My kids love it.  The secret to tofu is that it absorbs any flavor
your put in.  You can make it taste like chicken or fish, etc.....My kids also
enjoy artichokes believe it or not(their friends cringe).  I love to cook.  

Today a lady I work (from another division) with came by my "cubby" and went
on to tell me how herbs and a change of diet helped her with some problems
many years ago.  She said she was going to "cure" me.  The first sentence out
her mouth was that I needed to give up dairy products and sugar, particularly
chocolate. I thought you would get a kick out of that. She will be bringing me
in teas and special herbs. Spirilena was one she kept mentioning over and over

Your friend,
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