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Jeanne:  Thank you so much for bringing us up to date on both your mom and our
littlest angel Elise.  I know how hectic your life is and we do understand; but
you know how we are, worry warts!  How wonderful for your mother that she has
her children to take care of her, so many folks out there don't.  Is she able
to know who's who?  My mother-in-law when she took ill all of a sudden loved my
husband Chuck (ofcourse her son; but he was last on her list) and me (who never
made it on her list) and hated her baby son and his wife whom she had always
adored.  Funny how things switch up.  Was glad to hear Elise is okay, how was
her birthday?  Any chance of us getting a picture of her for our album with a
short bio, perhaps first name only, no address; but list the type cancer?   She
always meant so much to us, we would love to have her picture.Now, I will do my
best to catch you up.  Anyone wishing to write you, I have put your e-mail and
site address over the line.
I hate to disperse bad news; but I want to leave you with good news so I am
forced to do it this way.  Hew Ron, he passed on, Cindy Crowe's husband Jim,
passed on,  Susan's husband passed on Diana's brother passed on and Sally's
husband is in critical condition.  Almost forgot Marianne (Mam) sisterin-law
passed on.  I guess that's not a bad count when one considers how many dear
one's are on this line.  Infact it mean's to date that there are far more
success stories.  But I will tell you every moler feels it when we loose
someone even newbies.  Right now we have a wonderful MOL FAMILY, no in
fighting, truly the greatest there are.  My computer went down and it was like
10 days before it was fixed and I cried every day, I missed them so much.
Marty and his wife are fine, Carla, well you know Carla, still putting me to
the test, John is doing super, Marianne is great and started back teaching, Les
had a big set back; but the tough cookie is up and running us in circles
again.  Ross created the beautiful MOL Album and Sept. 19th many of us are
getting together in N.Y. to meet.  I am so excited about this meeting that I
can hardly contain myself.  Sure wish you would be there with us dear heart.
If I have forgotten anyone that you knew, pls. just let me know.  Missing you,
your friend, Lillian

Jeanne.Mesick@Delmar.com wrote:

> Thank you so much for sending the card.  I had a little bit of trouble
> getting at it, but obviously I finally did.  It is so nice to hear from
> you.  How are you?  I really hope all is well.  Please let me know.
> Believe it or not I think of you very often.  I really miss the mol
> interaction.  Wish I had more time for it.  Things have been really crazy -
> but I guess that is just my life's pace right now.  Elise is doing very
> well.  she had a setback in July, but nothing that couldn't be handled.
> They finally removed the feeding tube, but she had complications.
> Internally the wound wouldn't heal and she is now recovering from yet a
> second surgery (done in early aug) to close the wound and her belly.  She
> is such a trooper.  She is getting so much stronger.  She is walking all
> over the place and trying to talk up a storm.  Developmentally, we are
> still waiting to see what impacts the full brain radiation had.  They are
> just waiting to hear on a date for another MRI and you know what going
> through that is like.  We can only hope that this one will be as good as
> the last.  When that's done I'll let you know.
> My mom is still the same.  They finally did a spec scan in July, and there
> will be no recovery.  There is just too much permanent brain damage.  We
> still have her in her own home and us 4 kids do the 24 hr care with the
> exception of paid help during the day.  It's tiring and draining, but we
> are hanging right in there with the best of them.  I really hope this isn't
> a long battle for mom - she doesn't deserve this.  This was her greatest
> fear and now she's living it.  But we're  a strong family and no matter
> what we'll get through it.
> Lillian, I can't tell you enough how glad I was to hear from you.  How are
> my friends at mol?  Please let them know that elise is doing well and
> someday, when you least expect it I will be back.  Take care my friend.
> Jeanne

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