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hi nonie,

I'm george, friend of costas and I'm writing for him. We both wish you the
best for your surgery. I might be leaving soon in another state so I'm not
sure if I'm (george) gonna be able to talk you again.

My (Costas)  tumor is above my heart close to my shoulder and it touches
the verves of my left arm and my left eye has fallen a little bit. They
give me 4 choices: to go to research  hospital in washington, a therapy
with methetraxyle and platina, and maybe something like angiostatin in
sloan kettering in september and last one take pills and go back to greece.
I forgot to tell you I'm already in sloan kettering and my doctor is
already working together with de angelis.My doctors name is Dunkal.

Can you tell me where is pituitary sella, what MAID consists of and if
radiation worked, because my doctor told me it's not working. In what
hospital you are,  what state and what doctor.

I wish you the best again and  i'll be praying for you.

thanks a lot

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