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[MOL] Stem Cell Transplants

Title: Stem Cell Transplants

Hello everyone!
I am a new subscriber and am wondering if anyone has been through a autologous stem cell transplant for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma?  I was originally dx in December 1997 and received 6 CHOP and 20 rx treatments.  It was thought to be in remission after that.  In early August I had a follow up CT scan and it showed lymph node activity in my abdomen.  (originally in chest)  I have now had 1 DHAP chemo and will receive 2nd one in next couple of weeks.  After that I will have a transplant.  The part I am most scared of is the chemo and radiation to kill my immune system.  I did not have any nausea problems during 1st round of chemo and this 2nd stuff knocked me down for about a week but never actually got sick (thank God for Kytrel and Zofran).  Just looking for some feedback from someone who has experienced this.  The onc assures me that I will do fine because I am young (33) and in good health (except for cancer). 

Thank you,