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Hi Judy,
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  My son, Rich, was just diagnosed on
July 19th of this year with colon cancer.  His tumor ran through his rectum
and was about 2-3" long.  On June 29th he went in for surgery to remove it
and for a resection.  They had to take out as much rectum and surrounding
area as possible and then they sewed his whole bottom up.  He still looks
like he has a butt except for when he bends over, it's just all sewed up. 
They cut him from his pubic area up to and just around his belly button. 
They checked his liver and other vital organs and he looked real good. 
They made the colostomy on his left side which he will have forever as once
loose your rectum there is just no going back.  So they cut him from behind
and in front and then inserted a block for pain.  No morphine, which was an
option.  Kinda like a saddle block.  This worked wonderfully for him.  Pain
was at a minimum.  In fact we kept asking him if he was hurting and he said
no.  They took out the block about 7 days later and he was healed enough to
feel no pain again, with the addition of pain shots, or drip.  He came thru
it with flying colors.  We were real happy with his recovery.  He had a
little trouble with nausea for quite a few days but I think it was from the
anestesia(sp).  He was x-rayed for any blockages, upper and lower and there
were none.  That went on even after the 11 days in the hospital but
eventually subsided.  I also think he has a very nervous and weak stomach. 
I would not call it a horrid surgery for as well as he did.  He is 28 now. 
Had his birthday in the hospital.  Quite young for a colon cancer patient. 
He came home from the hospital and got in his car and drove to my parents
house.  He was off and running from then on.  Just started his 2nd
treatment of chemo today and will start radiation soon.  6 months of this. 
Please tell your sister that the worst part for Rich was the waiting for
the surgery.  He was pretty uptight and worried about the pain and that
just didn't happen.  The nurses know what to do and frequently ask about
pain.  I'm hoping your sister does as well or even better.  If you have any
other questions or just want to talk please post me a note or call me at
541 826-3919 evenings. 
We could even have Rich talk to your sister.  The very best of luck to you
and her.  We'll be thinking of you both a saying an extra little prayer. 
Don't hesitate to call........Much love     Vicci

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