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[MOL] Charcoal and Bar-B-Que for Lil

Dear Lil,

Yes, it is true. There have been some studies on the harmful effects of

excessive bar-b-quing with charcoals, cinders. Now, I mention excess. 

The majority of us usually bar-b-que say once a month or so for about

3-4 months out of the year. That is not considered in excess. So the

average person is not in any danger.  Excess is accumulative consistancy

say 3-4 times a week for several months. That could mean to be 

excessive, thus harming. Thought you would like to know.

God Bless


lillian jennings wrote:


> We had to talk about all those goodie foods and now us sinners will pay

> the price and I don't mean  poundage wise either.  LOL, Marty dear one,

> I knew you wouldn't be able to stand it!!!ROFLOL  Poor Donna, pls. know

> I edged the whole thing on to get you moving in sharing your nutritional

> secrets.  You have been promising long enough, about time you deliver it

> buddy!  LOL ....On the serious side, I am looking forward to some

> alternative eating.  By the way, I understand that cooking on the grill

> is unhealthy also, pls. don't tell me that person who told me was right,

> just tell me he was being mean to me.  Love you bro. Lillian

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