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[MOL] Joke!

The Redneck Dictionary of Medical Terms
 > Artery----------------------> The study of paintings
 > Benign--------------------> What you be after you be eight
 > Bacteria------------------>  Back door to cafeteria
 > Barium-------------------> What doctors do when patients die
 > Cesarean Section--->  A neighborhood in Rome
 > Cat Scan--------------->  Searching for a kitty
 > Cauterize---------------> Made eye contact with her
 > Coma--------------------> A punctuation mark
 > D&C---------------------> Where Washington is
 > Dilate-------------------> To live long
 > Enema-----------------> Not a friend
 > Fester-----------------> Quicker than someone else
 > Genital----------------.> Non-Jewish person
 > G.I. Series----------->  World Series of Military baseball]
 > Hangnail---------------> What you hang your coat on
 > Impotent---------------> Distinguished, well known
 > Labor Pain-------------> Getting hurt at work
 > Medical Staff-----------> A Doctor's cane
 > Node---------------------->I knowed it
 > Outpatient-------------> A patient who has fainted
 > Pelvis-------------------> Second cousin to Elvis
 > Recovery Room------> A place to do upholstery
 > Rectum----------------->Damn near killed him
 > Seizure-----------------> Roman emperor
 > Terminal Illness------> Getting sick at the airport
 > Tumor-------------------> More than one
 >  >>

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