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[MOL] new scanner for cancer

This sounds encouraging, doesn't it? Have a great day! Love, Joicy

Doctors see success in scanner: PET/CT device valuable tool in
    the fight against cancers
    [08/28/98; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

A new, one-of-a-kind scanner that combines a familiar imaging
technology with one that is lesser known  could locate cancers
and detect their spread earlier, reduce the need for biopsies,
and better target sites that should be tested for cancer. 

For the first time, researchers have successfully enhanced a CT
scanner with a PET imaging system, creating a prototype machine
that displays both the anatomy and the function of the tissue
in the same exam. 

"It's combining the best of both worlds," said Dr. Richard Baron,
chairman of radiology for the University of Pittsburgh Medical
Center, where the device is being studied. 

It could assess the extent of cancer more accurately than either
type of scan alone and avoid unnecessary procedures, he added.

The full article can be found at:

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