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Re: [MOL] Snake venom slows breast tumor growth

Hee!Hee!  My dad has four prairie rattlers in a big barrel outside that he
is trying to sell for a source of venom for research/antivenom or
craftwork.  We read a similar interesting article (which was on the web -
I'll list address later) which did not specify particular venum.  We are
making war on the snakes on our ranch because they killed my dad's favorite
dog, Scrappy(rat terrier) last August and my best friend, Rags (Jack
Russell/Rat Terrier) this June.  The vets can't save 12 lb. dogs and they
go into a coma in minutes and we live just too far from town.  Some of the
information that we read specifies that snake venom attacks cells in much
the same fashion as does cancer.  My dad says he has so many chemicals in
his body that when a snake bites him, it will kill the snake (humor is
important to our morale around here)!

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