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[MOL] Liz

I knew there was something I liked about you, Liz! I, too am a "Mac"
user -- love 'em! Hope you have a good week...love, Joicy

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Now you who are having trouble with your computers, maybe you'd have less
> trouble if you had a Mac. I rarely have a problem and on the rare occasions
> when I do Norton Disk Doctor can usually fix them.
> I believe Windows 95 has a fix disk capabality that can cure problems on
> your PC. I have both kinds of computers and frequently my students will
> have a disk that has their work on it but they can't get it to come up on
> another computer to print it. I  have been able to put the disk in my PC,
> run the  "repair disk" program and bring their work right up. Disks,
> whether floppies or hard drives sometimes develop electronic glitches, but
> frequently they are repairable. Of course you probably know more about that
> with PC's than I since you actually use one. Mine sits here beside my Mac,
> rarely used.
> Liz P.
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