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Dear All,

In a few minutes we are leaving to go to Charlottesville so I can have
surgery tomorrow.  Please "storm the gates of heaven" for me!  I have
the utmost faith in my neurosurgeon, but there is no substitute for the
power of prayer!

Virginia Beach got Bonnie full in the face and we lost power for a
while, so I have not had a chance to be on line, and now have almost 300
messages (that I can't read anyway).  Can you imagine how many I'll have
when I get back in 10 days or so!

Lillian, thanks for your kind message last week.  The reeason that they
are not going to do srs is because the tumor is prsssing against the
optic nerves and I am rapidly losing my eyesight, so they need to go in
now to relieve the pressure.  Srs is a possibilty after surgery -- I had
the Gamma Knife (stereotactic radiosurgery) last year after my first
operation.  It helped to radiate some of the shards of tumor that were
remaining, but it is not the answer for first line offense this time. 
But thanks for thinking of alternative course of action.  I appreciate
your research efforts in my behalf.

Joicy,  what with the hurricane and getting my act together for this
surgery, and my lack of eyesight, I just haven't had the wherewithall to
pull together the stuff to send you for the skit.  Maybe if I get back
from Charlottesville and there's still time, I can get it together.  It
wasn't a big deal, anyway, just something to bring a chuckle to the
group.  I am so jealous of everyone being able to meet and I won't be

Les,  I have a suggestion for Miss Packy.  You know, elephants have very
delicate feelings, and if she makes her way to the reunion and there is
no T-shirt for her, you guys may just be the fire she'll put out.  So,
go ahead and spring for the 20XXXXXXXXXX shirt, then just tie it onto
her chest with the G-rope.  She'll look pretty as a picture and never
forget you for it.

Nancy, thank you for sending the shirts.  I sent you a check, plus a
picture to scan into the album.  I have a scanner, but have not been
able to read the dirctions to see how to opearte it.  I hope this
surgery will make it easier to read so I can figure it out.  In the
meantime, I wanted to have my picture added to the album.  You are so
sweet to do it -- I wish I had done it when you first mentioned it. 

Well, my bag is packed, I have lots of CD to listen to to dull out the
pain, and my chariot awaits.  

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