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[MOL] TWo Part Series On Harmful Effects of Processed Sugars

Good Morning My FRiends,

I know I am going to get some flack from these two articles, but when
you believe strongly about the benefits and essentials experienced of
recovery from cancer and the information that is processed while
researching, I thought it best to provide you with this information.
There are many sources that will support the following information and I
would be glad to share with you. Essentially it is not that different
than any oncology/nutritionist or homeopath or holistic medical
professional would say.  While there is much information and truth to
what the following articles indicate, I will say that  Barb and I
believe that we must do everything in moderation. If sugar or stress or
the things that we like, and yet believe to be wrong for us in excess,
it is for us to equally know that we should not give up the things that
we like entirely. Now, if you are like me...when you see one cookie you
will eat ten..then the thing to do is just give it up cold turkey....say
like smoking.  That is just my opinion.

Aside from all that, I hope you will find the two part articles on
"Harmful Effects to Processed Sugar" and "Tumors Feed Off Sugar"
interesting and beneficial. Now, please no arguments....these are just
some thoughts that I might share with you and for you to chose as you
may. My arguing days are over...too old for that and the energy that I
need is to keep researching so that my Barb stays well and that whatever
I provide to you is beneficial. However, I would accept friendly debate
and additional information for our benefit as well.

God Bless
Your Friend
marty auslander

 article from LInda G. Rector,N.D., Ph. D.

Healthy Healing: benefits. Sugars include raw, brown, natural, yellow D,

sucanat and white sugar. All can be physically addictive, and add

nothing but calories to your body.

Excessive sugar consumption has many detrimental effects, but the

interest in this book is that sugar can be a major interference in a

healing program.

REgular sugar intake is known to play a negative part in a host of

common diseases: diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease, high

cholesterol, obesity, nearsightedness, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis,

gout, indigestion, yeast infection, and tooth decay. It provides  a

breeding ground for staph infection. Sugar is addictive, and like a drug

or alcohol it affects the brain first, offering a false energy lift that

eventually lets you down lower than when you started.

#Excess sugar consumption has been shown to depress the  body's immune

system response and resistance to disease, by inhibiting the release of

growth hormones. It also lowers disease control, a proven fact for those

with diabetes and hypoglycemia, and now becoming known as well for

people with high triglycerides and blood pressure and immune system


#Sugar requires the production of insulin for metabolism- a process that

promotes the storage of fat. Metabolized sugar is transformed into fat

globules, and distributed over the body where the muscles are not very

active, such as on stomach, hips and chins. Every time you eat sugar,

some of those calories become body fat instead of energy.

#Excess sugar can upset mineral balances in the body. It particularly

drains away calcium, overloading the body with acid-ash residues that

are responsible for much of the stiffening of joints an dlimbs in

arthritic conditions. Sugar ties up and dissolves B vitamins in the

digestive tract, so that they cannot act. Skin, nerve and digestive

problems result.

Now, there is alot more, but in conclusion this article went on to


The good news is that just because you follow a sugar free diet doesn't

mean you have to give up good taste or the comforts of sweetness.

Naturally -occurring whole food sweeteners, such as fruit, honey,

molasses, maple syrup can satisfy the sweet need. They can be handled

and metabolized easily by the body in its regular processes."

article from LInda G. Rector,

N.D., Ph. D.
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