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Dear Costas,

I have a fibro sarcoma in the pituitary sella.  It is a particularly
nasty, agressive type of tumor.  The top specialist in the United States
treating sarcoma is Dr. Lisa DeAngelis at Memorial Sloan Kettering, New

I have had 2 surgeries and Gamma Knife (stereotactic radiation) to rid
the tumor, and am having another surgery tomorrow.  All within the last
15 months.  I have also taken 5 courses of MAID chemo, and one of
Taxol.  The only reason I am having thee surgery tomorrow is that the
tumor is pressing againist my optic nerves and I am almost blind and
they want to get it off the optic nerves before I lose my sight
completely.  Otherwise, I would be just on chemo.

I'm going to be off-line for a couple of weeks now.  I'm sorry I can't
be here to give you more encouragement throughout the coming days. 
Please be assured that I will be thinking of you and praying for you. 
Please be tenacious in your questioning of doctors and requiring
immediate treatment.  There are ways to conquer this malicious type of
tymor, but you have to be agressive and do whatever you have to do and
do it quickly.  

Also, go to the internet and type in "sasrcoma" -- you'll get lots of

You are in my prayers,
Nonie Waller
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