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[MOL] Lillian/getting enough rest.

Hi Lillian,
As you can see my reply's don't necessarily come in order and so may be confusing.

I think my problem with feeling the need to be busy all the time was that I was brought up with the Judeo-Christian work ethic throughly pounded into my brain. My father always worked more than one job and he worked until he was 83 years old then he had a stroke and spent the last three years of his life in a nursing home. Even then he was happiest when he had duties to perform, even if it was wheeling himself out to the patio and planting flowers in the containers or passing out the bibs at meal time.

So you see, I come by this tendency honestly. It is an inherited trait.

Liz P.

Liz, dear one, why are you so hard on yourself? I think you really need to explore this. This is not the time to loose weight, not during treatment, okay. Drink your soy milk, keep an eye on your thyroid gland, rest, rest, rest and keep that immune system up. Stay away from sickies, you know those kind of people who love to give you thier colds, or ask you to kiss their baby with the runny nose; etc. This is YOUR TIME! Now once treatments are over friend, then you go out and dance your heart away, do as you please because it won't be long after treatments that you will have to knuckle down and buckle under.....lol. Your friend, lillian
Elizabeth Patterson wrote:

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