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[MOL] ** Labels hide diet drug mixture risk - U.S. research

Good EVening My Friends,

Thought this info my be of some benefit.

God Bless

marty auslander

** Labels hide diet drug mixture risk - U.S. research

BOSTON (Reuters) - Outdated labeling hides a popular diet drug's

dangerous side effects when combined with antidepressants such as

Prozac or cold remedies like Sudafed, researchers said Friday. The

diet drug phentermine - the "phen" in the now banned combination

fen-phen - has been used in the U.S. since 1961 and remains on the

market. It is widely prescribed to treat obesity. But the U.S. Food

and Drug Administration has never updated the drug's warning label to

include crucial information, according to researchers at the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts College

of Pharmacy. Phentermine blocks the body's ability to remove

serotonin from the blood stream. See


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