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[MOL] Donnas Sugar Craving

Dear Donna and All,

Hate to dampen your sugar craving ravings,LOL,  but I will be posting

information about the harmful effects of processed sugars and will

suggest alternatives to processed sugars. This will be in two parts and

the reason that I will be posting is that we have learned from several

doctors that "tumors feed off sugar". We learned that about two years

ago and after being off sugar it appears the disease in our case has
been rid of and

our energy level is much better.  NOw of course we are on many other

types of alternatives and an immune therapy program which includes

nutrtion, exercise and just good old plain eating the foods that Mother

Nature provided us. So, go ahead and have the  cream pie. I am still

salivating as that use to be my favorite pie and if I told you I didn't

miss it I would be lying, but when I think of what we had to go thru to

fight this disease, then I will just salivate and then go on with this

nutritious lifestyle instead.  

God Bless

marty auslander

DonnaBind@aol.com wrote:


> Lillian,


> Thanks for sharing the sweets low down. Now I know why I crave (and eat) 2

> pints of Ben & Jerry's every week the day after my chemo.  Those sterroids are

> something else.  I went to the store yesterday and got a frozen chocolate

> cream pie, brownie mix,  and peanut butter candies.  I can't remember ever

> buying a frozen pie before now.  But it looked soooooo good!  I was even

> tempted to buy the frozen cheescake that was right next to it as well.


> Donna

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