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[MOL] Jean

G'day mate!
I have been reading your recent posts with interest and you know what I
think? You worry far too much girl! You are a lovely, warm, caring
individual. It shines from you in your writings. The only problem you have,
in my eyes, is that you lack confidence in yourself. So from today onwards,
every morning when you wake up, I want you to say this, "I believe in
myself, I can do anything I want to, I can say no if I want to, I am a
worthwhile person, and I will be kind to myself!" I too, come from a family
background which involved alchohol, a broken home, and all the emotional
baggage that goes with that! However, there comes a time when you need to
break out of those shackles, none of it was your fault you know. I know how
hard it is, and sometimes I still slip, but everyday I get just a little
more assertive, and a little more confident in my own abilities. Anyway,
lovey, I must go to work or I will be late, love to you and yours,
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