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[MOL] Assignment

Well, it's done! whew! mate, it was a long one. Have started on the science
one now, it's even longer! They're certainly not going to make it easy,
LOL. Trouble is, after the science, there is a nursing contract to write,
poster to design regarding surgery, and a workbook to complete. Then there
are the questions and diagrams in the science Lab. manual to answer, and
all before we go to residential school 25th of September! They don't want
much do they? Well I am going to hang around for a little while, see if any
mail comes in before I go to work, am on night shift tonight, haven't had
any sleep, so will be stuffed tomorrow (so what else is new, right? LOL).
Pls. forgive if you write and I don't get back to you immediately. Take
care y'all
Love Mam.
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