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[MOL] colorectal cancer and the side effects of surgery, chemo/radiation therapies

Sept 14 will be three years since I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal
cancer.  Surgery was performed by Kenneth Eng at NYU Medical Center, NYC-on
Oct. 19, 1995.  Dec. 1995 chemotherapy commenced for 6 months, along with an
intensive 6 week period of radiation, during Feb/Mar 1996.  The upshot of my
experience has resulted in Impotence and Irritable bowels. I often soil myself
at the most unsuspecting times and occasions.  My physicans have been less
than candid with me as it relates to what I might have expected as a result of
my situation.  I have asked my Docs and other mental health folks, but todate
I have not been successful in identifying a colorectal survivor support group.
I realize that I may be rambling a bit, however, I feel that I've been pretty
much on my own in all of this, notwithstanding that my fiancee became my wife
during this ordeal. In truth, we have not enjoyed intimacy or sex. I need to
find answers to questions as it relates to my emotional/phsycological issues,
impotence and bowels conditions (can nerve damage from radiation treatment be
corrected-nerve regeneration?). I participated in the Viagra trials, but I
experienced adverse effects. Perhaps someone-a patient, a survivor, a
physican, etc.-can contact me at SGH@Berkeley.Org with some answers,
direction, etc.  Thanks and best regards for a speedy, healthy and full
recovery. Stuart in NYC.  
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