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Re: [MOL] Re: Liz/Radiation Side Effects

Both my mother and father had/have cancer and had some experience with the
mouth sores.  And some of the treatment made them feel hungry all the time.
We came up with the following concotion which is low fat/low sugar, but seemed
to satisfy the hunger and the need for sweets:

1 low fat angel food cake
1 package sugar free/fat free jello pudding either vanilla or white chocolate
2 t almond flavoring (or rum, or brandy, or coconut or vanilla)
1 container low fat/sugar free yogurt (banana/strawberry, peach, cherry, etc.)
2 cups pureed fruit of choice (bananas don't work real well if aesthetics are
2 scoops powdered nurtrtional supplement ( we used Bodywise future perfect
     flavored, but you could probably get the same results with ensure or a
1 container fat free sugar free cool whip
1 large bowl

tear angel food cake into small pieces.  Mix together pudding, yogurt,
powdered nutrient, flavoring. In large bowl, layer cake, pudding mixture,
fruit and whipped cream. Refrigerate. It is sweet (but not sugary) soft, cold,
and filled with healthful things.
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