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Re: [MOL] Vicci and Joan

Hi Vicci,
It would be nice to meet you. I like Oregon. I like the beaches and I love
Portland and Ashland. Last year on my way back from California I took a
wrong road and ended up wandering  through the Cascades in some of the most
beautiful country I have ever seen and I came out in Hood River. It added
about 100 miles to the trip but it was worth it to spend time in that
beautiful mountain area.
I am sure I will get down into that area again by next summer, but I won't
make it this year.
Liz P.

>Will do that, Liz.  I used to truck with my hubby for a couple of years and
>we went thru Yakima a few times.  Nice little valley.  Kinda like ours
>here.  So if I hop in the truck with him again I stop and say Hi.  If you
>went down Hwy 62 then you went right by Eagle Point.  If you come this way
>again call.  Love Vicci

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