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Re: [MOL] from Sally

Dearest Sally,

Thinking of you and Charlie often.  Our prayers are with you both
Love to you,
> Dear Carla,
> As you know, I am going to have to drop out of The March in late
> Sept.  Lil says wait and see, but it is getting so close and I know I
> am going to be too tender and emotional for a candlelight vigil, much
> less the overwhelming and daunting thought of meeting everyone face to
> face.  This is assuming Charlie passes between now and then.  But I
> have learned not to assume anything....
> He has amazed everyone - going from near coma 58/42  and unresponsive
> on Wednesday night to tonight's reading of 78/60 but still
> unresponsive.  My nurse is bringing in a child's b.p. cuff as a small
> adult's does not fit him anymore and his wedding ring which has not
> fit in years is suddenly too loose also.
> Since the met has affected the (r ) optic nerve and brain, he does not
> open his eyes too much but moans certain HMMMs and MMMs that only a
> spouse understands.  His family looks to me to interpret and I can see
> by his smile or his countenance that I am understanding this new
> "language" and interpreting properly!
> These days I hold him and lay next to him in bed and I put the 200 CD
> player on "random" and listen to all kinds of music quietly from
> Esquivel, Sinatra, Elton John, Sting, Oscar Peterson, Louis Armstrong,
> James Taylor. Betty Carter, Des'ree, Buddy Rich....
> Beats Jerry Springer !!!
> And Montel is on my #$%@^!#%(#) list since his producers did not write
> me back!
> Well, time to cuddle with my beloved.
> Sally
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