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Dear All,
Our eldest son David, played in his under 14's Rugby League grandfinal
today.........And WON! YAY! The team was only beaten once during the
season, by the team they played today! The score was 24/12. And it was a
doozy of a game! To see the boys so happy was wonderful. I of course had my
heart in my mouth for most of the game, I really wanted them to win, they
have worked so hard. Last year they made the semi's and were knocked out,
and the year before they made the grandfinal and lost on a technicality. So
needless to say, there are some very proud parents here tonight! The boys
were good sports for most of the game, there was only one fight! LOL. For
14 yr olds, that is pretty good! Anyway, I thought I would share this bit
of cheer with you, Lord knows there hasn't been much to smile about lately!
Love to all
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