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Re: [MOL] Carol - Hair Loss

Hey Carol,
Here's a suggestion that is not glamorous, but it was very comfy, quick
and easy for a "night cap." I remembered the little soft ribbed cotton
caps the hospital put on my kids when they were born, so I bought a
men's ribbed tank undershirt, size small, cut off the top (armholes etc)
leaving a "tube", and then fastened the top with a bow. It was soft and
comfy, and also good when I was bald, to keep my head warm at night. So,
if you can't find the other caps right away, or just want something
functional and inexpensive, give it a try!

Love, Joicy

Carol Stephens wrote:
> Dear Corinne,
> Thanks for the info.  I like the idea
> of a cotton night cap.  Right now
> I am using a satin pillowcase, which
> does not "grab and hold" the hair like
> a cotton one.  It is working well, but
> the addition of a night cap would
> be helpful.
> I did happen to pick
> up a catalog from the ACS with some hats
> and turbans in it, but I haven't really
> looked through it carefully, yet. I think it
> may be the same one you are referring to, but
> I'll drag it out and see.
> Also, they (ACS) had some turban-like head coverings
> which they handed to me for free.  I definitely
> look circa 1930 in them, but I'll will
> probably rely on them until I can get myself
> together enough to follow-through on some
> better alternatives.  I am not individualistic
> and confident enough [I wish I were] to just wear
> artificial tattoos on my head like Nonie's friend,
> but it certainly would be the easiest way to solve the
> problem. :)
> Thanks again,
> Love and Prayers,
> Carol
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Carol,
> >
> > When I started losing my hair I found some cotton night caps to wear to bed to
> > keep my hair from shedding all over everything. It was also winter so this
> > helped keep my noodle warm. I found them at a beauty shop that specializes in
> > wigs, turbans, etc.. I also ordered a couple of hats from the ACS catalog
> > called TLC. Have you seen this? My onc had them in his office. If you don't
> > find one and want one, just let me know, and I'll be glad to get you one.
> >
> > Talk to you soon.
> >
> > Bye y'all,
> > Corinne
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