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Re: [MOL] Zamtat

Well said, as usual dear Carla.
Love Mam

From: ken naehring <>
To: mol-cancer <>
Subject: [MOL] Zamtat
Date: Saturday, August 29, 1998 2:22 PM

I am glad that you were able to vent your feelings about your dad-in-law
and his cancer.  You said you didn't know who we are.  Well we are people
who are cancering survivors and those who love someone who is.

The cancering journey is not the same for any two people, but we all share
a common bond of being struck with a disease that is very frightening and
can be very painful for everyone.  We join together here to share laughter,
tears, information, jokes, everyday life, our families, fear, tests and so
on and so on..

I am sorry that you didn't find a group like ours to share with as you were
going through it.  Yet you have found us now and we are here for you, if we
can be of help.  Part of healing is letting the grief out and part of
healing is helping others...  God Bless you and your family... Carla

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