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Re: [MOL] The Meaning of Serenity/Christine

Dear Christine,
I hope you know that I would never intentionally offend or make anyone
uncomfortable on the line, and if I have done so, I certainly apologize.
It has just seemed to me that this was a place where folks share with
each other ways they cope with life and death issues, and references to
God and spirituality seem a common topic. I was responding to Vicci's
questions from my own experience and from my heart, but never with any
intent of hurting anyone or trying to make anyone believe as I do. In
fact, I ordinarily go to great lengths to keep my views to myself,
though my faith is the essence of who I am. Again, my apologies if I
have made you uncomfortable. Love, joicy

Christine White wrote:
> Religion and politics are two subjects that seem to rile people up. I
> usually avoid both. It is unfortunate though that people can't just agree
> to disagree about certain things and remain friends.
> I sent you another ICQ message so let me know if you receive it.
> Christine
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