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Re: [MOL] my father-in-law

Dear friend, 
You're right, this stinks. I am so sorry for your loss and your pain,
and can understand the anger and grief you feel. And I'm glad you felt
you could vent with us. We are a group of cancerers and care-givers, and
many of us have been through similar situations. Sadly there is no magic
to make everything instantly right again, but we are here to walk along
side, and we can tell you that there is life after grief. Know that my
prayers are with you and your family. Love, your friend, Joicy wrote:
> well....four months to the day he was diagnosed we lost pancreatic
> cancer which spread to his liver. three months of experimental chemo did
> nothing..upon being checked via cat scan 3 weeks the tumors had GROWN....he
> was diagnosed in stage 4....we lost him 8/20/98 @ 10:40 pm, all five kids were
> there with spouses/significant others...i've never watched anyone die before,
> someone we all loved so much who worked so damn hard his whole life was
> reduced to a groaning, moaning, frail little thing...a man who once was so BIG
> in your eyes you see reduced to a mess of wires, tubes and a morphine button
> which i had the pleasure (sarcastic) of beeping for him every five minutes
> until he died....GOD! I just want to scream sooo loud.....i don't know who's
> reading this but thanks for listening....he was admitted on 8/19/98 at 10:00
> am and lingered until the next night...what a torturous 36 hours that was...We
> don't miss the body that was lying in that bed we miss the dad full of advice,
> the man who walked his oldest daughter down the aisle a few years ago beaming
> with pride, who cried a tear of joy when he held his baby grand-daughter  for
> the first time last April...God it's just so unfair! I hate this!
> pretend to go back to your normal routine....but things will never be the
> same...EVER! And my poor mom-in-law who incidentally is my best friend.....she
> said being with him these last few months and slowly watching him die was like
> someone trying to pull something away from and no matter how hard you hold on
> you know they will eventually get it and you will never have it again....they
> had know eachother for 40 years...He was 54 when he died last sucks
> so bad! my husband has 2 sister amd two brothers plus they all have
> husbands/wives or girl/boyfriends so i mean she'll never be alone...she is the
> coolest lady, too. is this  a nightmare...can i wake up now? what we've gone
> through is a humbling experience to say the least.....all things seem so
> inconsiquential and love matter not any material's
> meaningless....because if you have no one to share it with you might as well
> forget happiness.......his mom got so upset the other day because she wants to
> leave the house and sell it, she has to wait for insurance money...the whole
> nine yards of crap...uggghh!!!!!    May He Rest In Peace and Remember You'll
> Always Be In Our Hearts.......Thanks for listening whoever has read
> this.......I really needed to get that out........Take Care Of Yourself and
> Those You Love...We Only Have One Life...Make The Most Of It  :)
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