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Re: [MOL] My Incredible Shrinking Tumor

GREAT NEW'S DONNA, NOW WILL YOU SEND RUSS A PICTURE?  When we hear of such good new's, we know that there is hope and don't let anyone my dear molers take your hope away.  Great Donna, just great, love, lillian wrote:

Hey Everyone,

Just a note to say hello! I had a CT scan of my lungs done on Wednesday.  Good
News!!! The tumor is shrinking. And I still have 3 more weeks to go. The dr.
says this is very positive and he also asked if I had decided on which surgeon
I wanted to go with.  I knew it was shrinking because I was no longer in pain.
But hearing it first hand was great.  I am so blessed.  This has just been
such an incredible experience for me.  Like I keep saying, good or bad, this
whole thing has brought me closer to myself and to God. Thanks to all of you
for being there for me.

I continue to pray for everyone out there going through this
journey.............Take care.

Your friend,


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