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Christine Re: [MOL] Re: Judy & Liz

Hi Christine,
I think there is a lot of difference among doctors as well as among
cancers. However I think they don't always agree on a course of action. I
am scheduled for 35 ( 7 weeks) radiation treatments. I just got home from
my 15th. That means I have 20 to go. I do believe they affect me. I am
finding myself getting very tired by the end of the day.

My doctor said the last few (4 or 5) are a boost also. Maybe the difference
had to do with the size of the lump. Mine was 1.5cm I believe they said.
Liz P.

>Thanks Liz. You saved me writing a letter as I was going to ask the exact
>same questions your did. For your info, Judy, I, too, had a lumpectomy and
>radiation but no chemo. I had no lymph node involvement. Would be
>interested in hearing the reasoning behind this.
>Liz, I've been meaning to ask how many radiation treatments you are
>scheduled for.
>P.S. I just read your message about finishing 3 weeks of radiation and 4 to
>go. I only had 20 treatments total, which took 4 weeks. (16 treatments were
>radiating the entire breast, the last 4 were called a boost and directly
>solely where the lump was found. I wonder why there is such a difference
>between our radiation treatments.

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