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[MOL] Malignant Schwannoma

Saw your topic and wanted to see if others may be sharing in the same
diagnosis as my husband. He has had 2 surgeries this past month, the first to
remove the tumor (in his neck, in the area of the parotid gland), and to make
a conclusive disgnosis. The second surgery 3 weeks ago was to excise the area
around the tumor sight, tie off the jug vein, resect muscle, etc. There are no
other sights, CT scan of chest and abdomen clear. The are around the tumor was
non-malignant. So in two weeks he starts a 6 week radation therapy. We waited
a little longer as it tool time for the woud to heal.
Evidently malignant schwannoma's of the neck are not too common. So gathering
data and then getting second opinions was a challenge. Certainly we would be
interested in corresponding with anyone with this same challenge. 
We live in the Seattle area so are fortunate to have good doctors. I think
they were very helpful in the information we recieved and in their experience
of dealing with this diagnosis.
``````````````````````````````Sincerely, Maureen
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