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[MOL] Re: Teddy Bear Hug

Will be glad to have you back Sherri, everyone has missed you.  Our address is:
mol-cancer@list.meds.com      There are some super folks on line; it's been fun
and the jokes are wild.....your friend, Lillian

Smb1970@aol.com wrote:

> Lillian,
> Thanks for the card... it gave me a much needed smile.
> Things have been pretty busy taking Katie to treatment every day and trying to
> give the kids a summer vacation through all of this.  I don't know what
> happened to my listserves, but I haven't gotten any for a month and I lost the
> link to sign up.  Do you think you could send me the link.
> I hope everyone is doing okay.  I think about all you must each be going
> through every day.  Best wishes.
> Sherry

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