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Dear Elizabeth,
My tumor was a stage II catorgory.. it was 1 1/4 " so all three drs. said it
needed kemo.
I had first biop. (needle core) done in office.. it came back positive.  week
later i had lump removed.  it was July 3rd and the pathologist left before
they could determine if lump was indeed cancer.  Then next week went back in
hospital to have tissue removed and 24 lymph nodes removed.  waited 4 weeks
and oncologist said kemo because tumor was so large..so i go through kenmo
every 21 days for 6 treatments and them radiation... had first kemo Wed.  am
feeling fine i guess. a little tired a little nausated, like i have the flue
or something otherwise, I am O.K.  thanks for careing.
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