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[MOL] for you movie buffs...

Well, it's the weekend, and time to do something crazy, like...rent a video!
(And to rent these babies, I think you'd have to be crazy!) Love, joicy

The Top Ten Review Excerpts on the Video Boxes in the Foreign Films
Section at Blockbuster Video:

10. "Seething with indecipherable German eroticism."
 9. "The best Israeli film of the year."
 8. "A seminal work of obfuscated symbolism."
 7. "Winner of the coveted Golden Cheese Wheel from the Luxembourg Film
 6. "If you see one grainy, black and white movie this year, this should
    be it."
 5. "Throbbing with ennui."
 4. "A plot so subtle, you won't even know it's there."
 3. "Delightful moments of depth and insight into love and the human
    condition punctuated by full frontal nudity."
 2. "A lifetime of angst-ridden, emotionally-rich vignettes poured into
    three and a half hours that seem like a week."

And the Number One Review Excerpt on a Video Box in the Foreign Films
Section at Blockbuster Video:

 1. "It's...a...film."
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