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[MOL] Mistaken identity

A young man wished to purchase a birthday present for his sweetheart, and
after much consideration, decided on a pair of white gloves. Accompanied by
his sister, he went to a ready-to-wear shop and bought a beautiful pair of
short white gloves. His sister bought a pair of panties. In receiving the
packages, they became mixed up so that his sister got the gloves and his
sweetheart got the panties. Without examining the contents, he sent them on
with this note:
Dearest Marilyn,
This little gift is to show you that I didn't forget your birthday. I chose
these because I noticed that you weren't in the habit of wearing any when
we went out in the evening. Had it not been for my sister, I would have
chosen the longer ones with buttons, but she said that short ones were more
in fashion. These are a very delicate shade. The lady I bought them from
showed me a pair that she had been wearing for three weeks, and they were
barely soiled. I had the shop girl try them on and she looked very smart.
How I wish I could put them on you for the first time. No doubt many other
men's hands will come in contact with them before I have a chance to see
them again. I didn't know the correct size, yet I should be capable of
judging better than anyone else. When you take them off, blow into them
before putting them away, as they will naturally be a little damp from
wearing. Be sure to keep them on while cleaning them, otherwise they might
shrink. I hope you will like them and will wear them Friday night.
                                    Love    George
P.S. Just think how many times I will kiss the back of them during this
coming year. The shop girl said the latest style is to wear them unbuttoned
and hanging down.

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