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My brother(63) was feeling fine except for some back discomfort when he was
diagnosed with the same cancer in early June.  I, like you, was shocked as he
had just visited me and was energetic and "normal".  They said his had been
growing for a long time-don't know where it originated from.  He hadn't smoked
except for a short period in his youth.
He is doing 6 rounds of chemo, for three straight days, three weeks apart.  He
is just finishing his 3rd round.
He seemed to get sick "overnight". Suddenly dropped 20 pounds and in alot of
pain from, I believe, a tumor which caused a cracked rib.
He has felt alot better after this last round of chemo(cisplatin, with
something else). Less pain, more energy and appetite.
I am so sorry that this has happened to your Mom.  I hope she checks around,
gets at least a second opinion--my brother didn't so I only hope his
oncologist is good.
I know how devastating the news is and how hopeless you might feel and
desperate to help.
Sheila S.
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