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[MOL] from Sally

Dear Carla,
As you know, I am going to have to drop out of The March in late Sept.  Lil says wait and see, but it is getting so close and I know I am going to be too tender and emotional for a candlelight vigil, much less the overwhelming and daunting thought of meeting everyone face to face.  This is assuming Charlie passes between now and then.  But I have learned not to assume anything....
He has amazed everyone - going from near coma 58/42  and unresponsive  on Wednesday night to tonight's reading of 78/60 but still unresponsive.  My nurse is bringing in a child's b.p. cuff as a small adult's does not fit him anymore and his wedding ring which has not fit in years is suddenly too loose also.
Since the met has affected the (r ) optic nerve and brain, he does not open his eyes too much but moans certain HMMMs and MMMs that only a spouse understands.  His family looks to me to interpret and I can see by his smile or his countenance that I am understanding this new "language" and interpreting properly!
These days I hold him and lay next to him in bed and I put the 200 CD player on "random" and listen to all kinds of music quietly from Esquivel, Sinatra, Elton John, Sting, Oscar Peterson, Louis Armstrong, James Taylor. Betty Carter, Des'ree, Buddy Rich....
Beats Jerry Springer !!!
And Montel is on my #$%@^!#%(#) list since his producers did not write me back!
Well, time to cuddle with my beloved.