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Re: [MOL] shirts - Nancy

Initial Wash 
  Use cold water only
  Use a detergent with color protection.
  Place shirt, alone, inside-out into washer tub.
  Remove shirt immediately after wash is done.
Subsequent Washings
(May be washed with other garments)>
  Use cold water only.
  Use a detergent with color protection.
  Place shirt inside-out into washer tub.
  Dry in dryer under normal settings.

Love and prayers to you and yours,

PS  I have got to get to bed.  I'll write more another time.

In a message dated 8/27/98 11:53:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Hi Nancy!  Well, the shirts arrived today.  They are really neat!  I can
 hardly wait to wear mine.  How do you suggest washing them?  I always have
 to wash things a time or two before I wear them.  THANKS again for all that
 you have done to get these shirts to all of us.  Mary Ann
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