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Re: [MOL] Lillian & All

Dear PJ,
Love your message. The Molers are a special group, aren't they? Sorry to
hear about your scanner trouble, but oh do I identify!!! Went through a
lot of the same frustrations with mine, About all you can do is to stay
after the software companies until they get you running. In the
meantime, my offer still stands to scan your picture as a stop-gap
measure! Love, Joicy wrote:
> Thanks but I'm learning from the pro.
> Your sincere words of encouragement each and everyday to everyone gives me a
> warm feeling.  I've truly learned from you.   If I could I'd change MOL-
> Members on Line to Members of Love.  You all should be so proud of yourselves
> for giving this feeling of love behind every message either in the form of a
> joke for laughter to just your blessings at the end of every message.  I'm not
> very eliquent in this but I'll give it a go.
> My Dear Friends:
> Your Jokes Make Me Laugh Till I Get Tears
> Your Prayers & Blessings Give Me Hope for Mom
> Just Your Fight & Thirst to Strive for Life
> Gives me the Encouragement to be Your partner in Your Fight.
> Love, Hugs & Kisses
> PJ
> P.S. I'd hate to add this ugly mug to such a beautiful album - but I'll do it-
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