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Hi, Liz,
Don't know Judy's particular case, but do know that sometimes the
differences are based on the individual case -- sometimes on the
protocols of particular drs. and hospitals. For example, not everyplace
does core biopsies (there's some diagreement on their effectiveness.) I
had a needle biopsy to rule out cysts, but no core biopsy. Then I had 2
surgeries -- the first was a surgical biopsy, which would have been a
lumpectomy if they could have gotten it all. Regardless, they would have
done a 2nd ancillary surgery for the lymph nodes if they determined it
was cancer. (In my case, they took the nodes when they did the
mastectomy). Hope that's helpful. Hang in there, ok, and don't overdo
it! Love, Joicy

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Hi Judy,
> I just read your post to Joicy. I have a question. If there was no cancer
> in the lymph nodes why are you taking chemo? I had a lumpectomy in July and
> my lymph nodes were free of cancer, too. I am taking 7 weeks of radiation
> therapy, but I am not having chemo. Opinions differ I guess, but my
> radiation therapist said that the statistical survival difference in my
> case is not significant enough to justify the chemo. He does feel it is
> worth it to take tamoxifen, however. I think I would discuss this with the
> oncologist. Also, why did they have to do two surgeries. They took out the
> surrounding tissue and the lymph nodes at the same time they took the lump
> when I had mine done. Had you had a biopsy (needle core) before your
> surgery? That is how they determined my lump was malignant so I had the
> whole surgery at one time.
> I am sure there are oncologists who would encourage me to have chemo, but
> based on the reports I received and the opinions of a couple of my doctors,
> I will choose not to have chemo unless, down the line somewhere another
> lump develops. I don't want any more treatment than is necessary. By the
> way, radiation does not make you lose your hair.
> Liz P.
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